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Mason High School
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The 2019 Masonian will be a fantastic history book and keepsake. The theme for the book is YOU HAD TO BE THERE.  The yearbook staff will fill the book with great pictures of Mason students, plus include quotes that tell the story.  The Staff is made up of 25 of the best students who work under the tutelage of Mr. Kurt Dinan.

The Masonian is a “complete year” book, which means it includes events from the beginning of the school year through the very last event of the year.  Because of the time it takes to proof the entire book, then have it printed, books will be mailed to your student’s home in the fall.

$55 through May 30

**You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase.  If you do NOT, something has not gone through correctly!**

Senior Pictures:
Email senior portrait photos (the higher resolution the better) to the yearbook at  Please include the student’s preferred name to go in the book.  Prior to submission please rename the file to indicate the student's last name followed by their first name ( e.g. Smith, John.jpg).  

If no senior portrait is handed in, we will make every attempt to use the Lifetouch student ID picture.

Images must be in portrait orientation (vertical) and submitted as a high-quality jpeg with a resolution of 300ppi and at least 2.5" x 3.5" in size (750px x 1050px).  Black & White images are acceptable. School appropriate attire is required

If no senior portrait or Lifetouch picture is available, your student’s picture will not be in the senior section of the yearbook.

Yes, you may shoot your own portrait of your student.  It needs to be a vertical picture, in color or b/w, with school appropriate attire.  If you choose this route, please make sure it is a portrait shot – no hanging out by the pool with friends, on the ski slope, eating at White Castle, etc.

Please, no props in the picture.  This includes, but is not limited to: books, guns, wands, sporting equipment, animals, other people, etc. 

The yearbook reserves the right to ask for a replacement picture if the student turns in a photo that is deemed inappropriate for any reason.

The yearbook will make every attempt to ensure that all senior portraits will be included in the yearbook.  However, mistakes are regrettably made at times, and at times students have been left out of the book.  While we regret these mistakes, because we do not process the sales of the book, we cannot offer money back guarantees that your picture will be included.



Senior ADS:
Commemorate your student’s graduation with a senior ad in the 2018-2019 Masonian Yearbook!
1/8 of a page – 1 picture + up to 30 words* = $50
¼ of a page – 1-3 pictures + up to 75 words* = $90
½ page – 1-5 pictures + 100 words* = $150
Full page – 1 – 10 pictures + 200 words* = $250
* word count is an approximation – the more pictures you have, the less words you’ll want

Visit the school’s website for complete information and order forms.



For all online sales inquires please contact

For all other yearbook related questions please contact the yearbook adviser Kurt Dinan at Mason High School -