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  • Yearbooks are now on sale for Moriarty High School.  Yearbooks are $50.  Price will increase to $60 on January 20th. Buy it now!!!

  • If you are a senior and are going to purchase a Yearbook and a Senior Ad you will need to pay Amanda Marez to get your 20% discount.  You cannot order a Senior Ad and get a 20% discount on this website.  

  • Please read the tab "Ad Info" for more detailed information on Senior Ads.

Honor your senior with a Senior Ad and celebrate your time with them and their achievements through pictures and well wishes.

The prices for senior ads are as follows:

Full-page - $120.00
Half-page $60.00
Quarter-page $30.00

When you purchase a senior ad, you will receive a 20% discount.

Please send pictures and messages via email to:

**IMPORTANT!!** On the subject line of the email, please write: Senior Ad" and student's name. This will help us not miss your Senior Ad order.

Depending on the size of Senior Ad you are ordering and the amount of pictures and messages you give us; the yearbook staff may ask you to edit your messages, choose fewer pictures or upgrade to the next size of ad. You will be contacted by yearbook staff for your final approval of the senior ad.

Please pay Amanda during "A" and "B" lunch only.  We accept cash or checks.  Make checks payable to MHS. 

You can pay the full amount or pay half the amount now to hold your Yearbook and Senior Ad. Pay the second half by December 15th. 

If you have already paid for a Yearbook and decide later on to purchase a Senior Ad - we will honor the 20% discount for both items when you purchase the Senior Ad. 

20% discount totals for Yearbook and Senior Ads: 

Size of Senior Ad.
Price without the 20% discount: 

20% discount.  Full payment:  

Two payments: 

 Full Page + Yrbk $170


 $68.00 x2

 ½ Page + Yrbk    $110


 $44.00 x2 

 ¼ Page + Yrbk    $80


 $32.00 x2 

If you have any questions, please contact:

For online ordering questions please contact:

For yearbook related questions please contact the yearbook adviser Lua Binder ( or editors Emma Blacklock ( and Gabby Aceves (

If you would like to pay for the yearbook in cash or check, please see Amanda Marez (Head Secretary) during "A" and "B" lunch only.
Make checks payable to Moriarty High School. You do have an option of paying for half of the yearbook now and the second half later when paying by cash or check only, if paying by credit card full amount must be paid.