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Clarksville High School-Payment Plan Only

Clarksville High School
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This site is used only if you'd like to utilize the payment plan option to purchase your 2018-19 yearbook!

You may make three separate online payments of $22 to pay for your yearbook.

**Free personalization is only offered for orders paid in full during the promotional period ending November 2nd.**

In the 2nd & 3rd payments, you will need to indicate your child's name/grade/# of payment.

**You will receive an email confirmation of your purchase.  If you do NOT, something has not gone through correctly!**

We are now offering the opportunity to personalize the yearbook in a very special way with senior ads. Space is available to congratulate a graduate and tell your student how proud you are. Your ad provides a great way to recognize your senior.

To purchase a Senior Ad please go to the following link:

All color Senior ads are available in the following sizes for the prices shown:

•Full page: $250

• 1/2 page: $125

• 1/4 page: $80

• 1/8 page: $50

For payment plan online purchase or questions, please contact Stacey at